Kids say the darnedest things…

When you have 4 little ears running around the place, always open, always listening for things they shouldn’t hear, you learn to do one of two things. 1- to speak in code or 2- to keep shtum.

The former can sometimes prove to be quite difficult and more often than not, the kids make it their personal mission to crack the code. Not only do they crack it, they announce it like a public service announcement to everyone within earshot.

The latter is our go-to. We find that storing everything up until they go to bed works well for us as our kids, like most, tend to hear half the story and repeat it as a ‘but you said’ ….

But what about the things they hear from other sources? TV, radio, their friends… How do we stop them from blurting out their inappropriate, misinterpreted musings when we don’t know what they are?

Take for example, son number 2. Last week he chased our taxi driver neighbour, calling after him ‘ Big Fat Barry, I’m gonna get you!’ This prompted an immediate trip to the step, which I regretted not long after. As it transpired, an episode of Ben and Holly had a very bold, giant fish that ate boats. His name was ‘Big Bad Barry’. So our little 3 year olds oversized adenoids very nearly got him in the bad books with our very lovely neighbour. 

How do you keep overactive ears and mouths from running a muck, while striking a balance with learning and developing? Don’t let Ben and Holly be their source of learning anyway, that would be a good start…


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